The Elders


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Black

Boasts of an amber color, a full body, and a bold, oaky flavor.  The brew of the organic and kosher black tea leaves impart healthful elements which include antioxidants, polyphenols, and diuretic properties.  L’Chaim Kombucha Black compliments all foods and, because black tea contains the highest level of caffeine in comparison to other tea leaves, the traces of caffeine that lingers in this L’Chaim brew is often favored earlier in the day.


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Green

Possesses a light amber color and a softer, zingy taste.  Organic and kosher, the green leaves that go into creating this brew undergo a shorter oxidization process than the blackened leaves and thereby convey a higher level of antioxidants as well as catechins.  L’Chaim Kombucha Green enhances midday meals with just enough gusto to gratify the senses but not overpower the meal.


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha White

Swanks a light, slightly opaque amber color, the subtlest tea flavor, and an unforgettable kombucha grip.  The organic and kosher white tea leaves used in the brewing of Kombucha White transmit the highest levels of antioxidants, as compared to the Black and Green, and the shorter oxidization process of these leaves also helps keep more nutritional elements intact.  L’Chaim Kombucha White serves as a pleasant backdrop to foods that possess strong flavors and as a means of winding down after a busy day.

The Nobles


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Triumvirate

Like the name – Triumvirate – suggests, this brew is an assemblage of particular governing tea leaves: black, white, and green; the brew of which is fermented to produce a commandingly clean taste that makes a good companion between courses.


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Tierra

In The Making!


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Black Tie

Black and white tea leaves assembled at the ideal temperature to produce a tea that when fermented expresses spontaneous formality with a lively, powerful, yet elegantly round brew.  Black Tie complements full-course dinners enjoyed long into the evening.


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Gadol

The Hebrew word, gadol, דוֹל, signifies great or big. You may hear some people use gadol in place of the popular word, awesome. It has also long been used to refer to a man of great honor.

Gadol brings together two great flavors of tea: green and white. Together the brews capture a mutual tempering: the green softens to a toasty, nutty mildness that in turn lightens the white so that it expresses only a hint of fruitiness and both express an explosion of balanced flavors; a flavor sensation that can only be described as, Gadol!

The Sovereigns


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha 7th

7th is one of the rewards of our elder kombucha brews, an exclusive tantalizer that comes about in limited supply and therefore, a living brew dedicated for those extraordinarily special occasions.

7th has a quality all its own: a velvety texture, a more complex bouquet, richer, leesy, with a finish that satisfies in the linger almost as much as in the deliberate, purposed sip.


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha 8th

In The Making!