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" I have been looking for kombucha without addititive flavorings. I am so happy to have found L'Chaim. "
" My wife and I ration it toward the end of the week. "
Facial expressions of pure satisfaction experienced, unexplained with words, just felt,
" I tried L'Chaim last week and I regret not buying it. So here I am today. I want two bottles. "
" Whoa! It wasn't what I was expecting, but I like it! "
" L'Chaim is GOOD! "
" I had hoped one of those in the reserved section was mine. I love my L'Chaim Green. "
" Ooooh! Aaaah! Luscious. "
" To taste it [L'Chaim] is to taste true kombucha; no fluffy stuff; just real kombucha. I love it! "
" So refreshing, so energizing, especially in the heat. "
" I can't have any other kombucha, except yours [L'Chaim]. "
" I am building a stash. "
" Loved the Green; interesting flavor. "
" Yours [L'Chaim] is the best! "
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